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Rubik’s Hypercube

I made a program of 4D extension of the Rubik’s cube. I call the program the Rubik’s hypercube. It works on the Wolfram CDF player. Please contact me if you interested in this program.

4次元版ルービック・キューブを作りました.名付けて「ルービック・ハイパーキューブ」.2015/11 に開催される形の科学シンポジウムと 2015/12 月に開催される某セミナー(発表があったら明記します)で発表します.ご興味がある方はご一報ください.


Rubik's Hypercube

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    Could you please write about making this wonderful program at Wolfram Community:

    We are very popular with more than 10000 members. People would love to learn about your work. Example of a post:

    I will help with anything you need – please contact me at ****@****.com

    Best regards,
    Vitaliy Kaurov, PhD
    Technical Communication & Strategy
    Wolfram Research Inc.

    Friday, November 20, 2015 at 04:42 | Permalink

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