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The Personal Web Pages in Our University Have Been Closed

The personal web pages in our university have been closed according to the request by the headquarters. So, I have to construct my own web pages here. I will upload some content relating to my old and recent works.


I should update some information.

I should add a lot of topics to this page. I feel sorry for your inconvenience.


Rubik’s Hypercube

The manuscript on the Rubik’s hypercube was titled “Rubik’s 4-Cube” and was published in Mathematica Journal on the last day of 2017.

Revise! Revise! Revise!

I could not publish any papers last year because of the strong currents of rejections. The currents have changed the direction a little. One of the unpublished papers has been accepted and two of them are close to being accepted now.  My head is occupied by a problem of how I revise the papers. I will inform the papers when they are published.

2016/02/27 の講演スライド

2016/02/27 に講演した「捕食方法の違いから放散虫の骨格構造の多様性を理解する試み」のスライドを公開します.



「放散虫 Eucyrtidium hexastichum (Haeckel) の仮足の引張力」講演要旨

2017年6月に講演予定の「放散虫 Eucyrtidium hexastichum (Haeckel) の仮足の引張力」の要旨をアップロードします.講演までに内容が変更される場合があります.



My latest paper.

My recent paper is found on the site of the publisher. This paper is about the Turing patterns on a spherical surface. I think this paper has some topics which I’m interested in, such as spherical surface, Voronoi tessellation, reaction-diffusion system, and so on. I hope you enjoy this paper.

ブログの更新を再開します/ I resume the updates on this blog.


I suspended the updates on this blog because I occupied another work as a managerial post. Fortunately, this role finished on this March. So, I resumed the updates on this blog.

第3回 東洋大学形の科学セミナー

第3回 東洋大学形の科学セミナー

Problems on Relations between Ecology of Plankton and Mathematical Science

  • 日程:2016/06/18(Sat)-19(Sun)
  • 場所:東洋大学熱海研修センター Atami Seminar Center of Toyo University
  • 共催:新潟大学形の科学研究センター

プログラム Program

(Language of presentation is up to each speaker.)

06/18/2016 (Sat)
A. Matsuoka (Niigata Univ.)
“Homeomorphy in radiolarian evolution”
N. Kishimoto (Setsunan Univ.)
“Space Plankton Project: Let’s try to culture plankton on the International Space Station”
Yang Qun (Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
“Dating the Animal Phylogeny with examples from some small arthropods”
15:30-16:00 Break
T. Kurihara (Niigata Univ.)
“Characteristics of ecology and geographical distribution of discoidal spumellarians”
T. Yoshino (Toyo Univ.)
“What We Learn from Experimental Data of Settling”

09:00-12:00 Free Discussion (including business meeting)

Rubik’s Hypercube

I made a program of 4D extension of the Rubik’s cube. I call the program the Rubik’s hypercube. It works on the Wolfram CDF player. Please contact me if you interested in this program.

4次元版ルービック・キューブを作りました.名付けて「ルービック・ハイパーキューブ」.2015/11 に開催される形の科学シンポジウムと 2015/12 月に開催される某セミナー(発表があったら明記します)で発表します.ご興味がある方はご一報ください.


Rubik's Hypercube