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A Happy New Year

A Happy New Year! It’s a time for new life!

Back to Tsukuba and …

I attended a party celebrating two professors’ seventieth and sixtieth birthdays on December 29. This party was held at Tsukuba city because the professors belonged to University of Tsukuba. About 20 years ago, I was one of the students of the professors. I felt something nostalgic and was remembered the passion when I was young. […]

Duty until the End of Year

I prepare a document for a student experiment held next school year.  Its deadline is the end of this year.  It seems to be very hard to complete the document.

Lecture series for people

I held a lecture for people who live mainly in Kawagoe yesterday.   I enjoyed the lecture.  The ages of the audience are over 60 years old.   I think their curiosity is true.  It seems that they also enjoyed my lecture.  Number of our meeting is up to 15.  It spends more than 5 years from […]

Lecture at high school

I went to a high school on Hachioji city in order to give a lecture on December 16.  I wonder whether the students enjoyed my lecture or not.

From Kawagoe

I’ve come back to Kawagoe. A part of my research was progressed.

From Okinawa

I stay at Sesoko island in Okinawa till tomorrow.  Here I attend the meeting and research on plankton.  I enjoy them and feel something active.

Official Page Updated

My official page at Toyo Univ. is updated. 大学のホームページを更新しました.大した更新ではないですが….右の “Official: Toyo University” にリンクを張っています.


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