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I should update some information.

I should add a lot of topics to this page. I feel sorry for your inconvenience. 頑張って新しいコンテンツを追加していきます.ごめんなさい.

Rubik’s Hypercube

The manuscript on the Rubik’s hypercube was titled “Rubik’s 4-Cube” and was published in Mathematica Journal on the last day of 2017.

Revise! Revise! Revise!

I could not publish any papers last year because of the strong currents of rejections. The currents have changed the direction a little. One of the unpublished papers has been accepted and two of them are close to being accepted now.  My head is occupied by a problem of how I revise the papers. I […]

My latest paper.

My recent paper is found on the site of the publisher. This paper is about the Turing patterns on a spherical surface. I think this paper has some topics which I’m interested in, such as spherical surface, Voronoi tessellation, reaction-diffusion system, and so on. I hope you enjoy this paper.

my works on youtube

I posted my three video works to  Please access the page written below.

Farewell Steve!

I would like to thank Mr. Jobs for his creativity and passion.

Earthquakes and Disasters

As already known, earthquakes and disasters attacked about a half part of Japan.  I and my family are alive but so many people, mainly north-east part of Japan, were dead and much people alive there are suffer from lack of water, food, wear, and so on now.   The current situation is terrible and I have […]


I caught cold and had toothache form the beginning of this month.  Fortunately, I have good condition now.

Internet Live

Did you enjoy internet lives of Mr. Sakamoto?  I spend happy time.  I prefer the concert at night because my favorite songs were played.

A good event

On January 9, Japanese famous musician Mr. Ryuichi Sakamoto is going to  hold his piano concert at Seoul of South Koria.   This concert can be seen through u-stream(one of internet movie delivery system) without any charge.  Detailed information is found on the site of their project skmtSocial.  I thick it is fantastic to share […]