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Basic Data of 4D regular polytopes

I prepared the Mathematica files and CVS files which included the basic data of 4D polytopes.  The zipped file contains 6 files which correspond to 6 regular polytopes: 5 cells, 8 cells, 16 cells, 24 cells, 120 cells, and  600cells.  Each file consists of 6 basic properties as follows:

  1. Locations of vertices of the polytope
  2. Pairs of vertex numbers which consists edges of the polytope
  3. Vertex numbers of adjacent vertices of each vertex of the polytope
  4. Vertex numbers of each face of the polytope
  5. Face numbers of adjacent faces of each face of the polytope
  6. Face numbers of each cell of the polytope

Unzipped filenames are like “f (n). m” where (n) corresponds  to the number of cells.  For 5 cells, its filename is “f5.m” for example.  If we assume that these files allocated on the directory  “~/tmp/”,  we can use the data like the following:

With[{n = 24, dir = “~/tmp/”},
Module[{vers, edgs, neis, faces, fneis, cells},
{vers, edgs, neis, faces, fneis, cells} =
Get[dir <> “f” <> ToString[n] <> “.m”];

Please inform me if you find any mistake.

  1. Data (Mathematica, zip)
  2. Data (csv, zip)
  3. Notebook (in preparation)
  4. PDF (in preparation)

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